• All documents provided are in PDF, texts are in English. The proceedings are published as E-book available at FLUCOME 2019.

  • Preface
  • History of FLUCOME

  • Sessions:
  • Acoustics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Environmental Flows
  • Flow Control
  • Flow Modeling
  • Heat Transfer
  • High Speed Flows
  • Jets
  • Jets Flow Control
  • Micro and Biological Flows
  • Miscellanea
  • Multiphase Flows
  • Optical Methods
  • Passive Flow Control
  • Pipe and Channel Flows
  • Plasma Flow Control
  • Poster
  • Riblets
  • Student Awards
  • Swirling Flows
  • Thermal Convection

  • Acoustics

    Screech Characterization using POD and DMD Analysis of High Speed Schlieren images
    A N Rao, A Kushari, A Mandal

    Efficacy of perforated liners with different porosity: Experimental analysis
    T D Thanapal, J-L Heng, B Elhadidi, W L Chan

    Efficacy of perforated liners with different porosity: Lattice Boltzmann analysis
    J-L Heng, T D Thanapal, W L Chan, B Elhadidi

    Use of Acoustic Emission in combination with Machine Learning: recognition of gas-liquid mixing regime in stirred tanks
    G Forte, M Antonelli, F Alberini, M Simmons, H Stitt

    Unsteadiness of junction flows on the flow radiated noise
    J Liu, W Li, S Zhai, E Kudashev, K Yan

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    Performance and LDV Measurements of a Large-scale Rotor with Synthetic Jet Actuators
    V Maldonado

    Visualization of laminar-turbulent transition behind localized and two-dimensional roughness element on the leading edge of flying wing model
    A M Pavlenko, V S Kaprilevskaya, S N Tolkachev, M M Katasonov

    Visualization of the flow behind a two-dimensional roughness element and its role in the laminar-turbulent transition on the swept wing model
    A M Pavlenko, V S Kaprilevskaya, S N Tolkachev, V V Kozlov

    Hot-wire visualization of the laminar boundary layer disturbances
    M M Katasonov, V V Kozlov, A M Pavlenko, I A Sadovskii

    Usteady Characteristics of Aerodynamic Forces on Circular cylinders in the Critical Reynolds Number Range
    W Ma, B Huang, Q Liu, D Zheng

    Surface and Raindrop Effect on Aerodynamics and Wind-induced Vibration of Stayed Cables
    Q Liu, Y Zheng, W Ma, Xi Liu

    Vorticity dynamics and control of self-propelled swimming of a 3D wavy ray
    C Wu

    The relationship between aerodynamic characteristics and ball panel shape in soccer balls
    Y Sakamoto, S Ito, M Hiratsuka

    Using Sweeping Jets on Swept Wings
    E Phillips, I Wygnanski

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    Environmental Flows

    PIV experiment on a water tornado flow for environmental purification
    K Ohmi

    Suspended sediment concentration and sediment transport measurements with a new two components ultrasonic profiler
    H Guta​ ​, M Burckbuchler​​, S Fischer​, D Dufour​

    Numerical simulations of the autorotative flight of the real and artificial maple seeds
    M H Sohn

    A study of the basis of a new prototype of a water filter of bioaerosols to be embarked in Aerial Investigation Platforms
    S Sor, A Garcia-Magariño, R Bardera, M Urdiales, El Gonzalez-Toril, Á Aguilera

    Bidisperse inertial particles falling in turbulent open channel flow
    Y Wang, K M Lam

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    Flow Control

    Forebody vortex flow control using a double-side sliding pulsed discharge actuation
    B Zheng, M Xue, C Ge, X Ke

    Experimental Investigation of thermal properties of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator for Steady and Unsteady Actuation
    A A Abbasi, H Li, X Meng

    Experimental Study on Switching Mechanism of a Flip-Flop Jet Nozzle using Single-Port Control
    K Hirata, N Tauchi, T Inoue, F Nagahata, T Noguchi

    Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators for Anti-icing: A Novel Icing-control Approach Using Coupled Aerodynamic and Thermal Effects
    X Meng, J Cai

    Control of Vortex Formation in Axisymmetric Jet by DBD Plasma Disturbance
    H Ishikawa, H Aono

    Aerodynamics of two square back vehicles in platooning configuration
    J J Cerutti, G Cafiero, G Iuso

    Linear stability analysis of a Bénard-Marangoni cylindrical problem: A Review
    E Lopez-Nuñez, P. Fajardo, M J Perez-Quiles, S Hoyas

    Numerical and Experimental Validation on Energy Efficiency of Pneumatic Booster Valves with Energy Recovery
    J Lim, K Iida, K Tadano, T Kagawa

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    Flow Modeling

    System identification in noise-amplifier flows: an experimental study using optical flow PIV data
    A Giannopoulos, J-L Aider

    Modeling for the topology of coherent structures within a laminar separation bubble
    M Miozzi, C Klein, F Di Felice, M Costantini

    Quantitative Evaluation of the Linear Reduced-order Model based on PIV Data for Future Flow Control
    K Nankai, T Nonomura, K Asai

    Enhancing PIV with statistical methods
    S Discetti

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    Heat Transfer

    Thermal analysis of a GDI multi-hole spray footprint dynamics by phase-averaged infrared thermography
    M Zaccara, M Contino, A Montanaro, L Allocca, G Cardone

    Basic Study on Flow and Heat Transfer Control around Heating Components in Rectangular Duct by Pulsating Flow
    T Fukue, H Shirakawa, W Hiratsuka

    Characterizing the dynamics of liquid boundary layers using infrared thermography
    E Koroteeva, I Znamenskaya, P Ryazanov

    Some thoughts on the meaningfulness of instantaneous heat transfer maps in turbulent flows
    A Ianiro

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    High Speed Flows

    Investigation on Density Field Measurement in Shock Wave Tunnel Based on Bidirectional Background Oriented Schlieren Technique
    L Zhang, J Zhang, L Zhang, Y Wu

    Hypersonic boundary layer transition visualization in CARDC hypervelocity ballistic range
    W Zonghao, H Jie, S Anhua, L Sen

    Power VCSEL driven Schlieren Visualisation for Cascaded Injection in Supersonic Flow
    S de Maag, F B Segerink, H W M Hoeijmakers, K H Venner, H L Offerhaus

    POD analysis of hypersonic inlet using fast response pressure-sensitive paint
    Y Ma, X Xiang, J Yu, Q Shen

    Investigation of Shock-Induced Boundary-Layer Transition in Transonic High Reynolds Number Flows Using Temperature-Sensitive Paints
    M Costantini, C Klein

    PIV imaging of discharge-induced blast waves: Numerical reconstruction of an actual velocity field
    E Koroteeva, I Znamenskaya, F Glazyrin, I Doroscshenko, I Mursenkova

    Estimation of the shear layer velocity fluctuation in a supersonic jet with single- pixel resolution
    T Ibuki, Y Ozawa, T Nonomura,K Asai

    Shock Tube Boundary Layer Measurements with 4 Visualization Digital Methods
    I A Znamenskaya, F N Glazirin, T A Kuli-Zade, D. I. Tatarenkova

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    Control of planar jet using asymmetric nozzle lip
    T Noguchi, K Hirata, Y Otomine, R Ogura, S Yasuda, T Motoki

    Visualization of conventional and combusting subsonic jet instabilities
    V V Kozlov

    Wave-packet dynamics in turbulent round jets
    M Raiola, A Ianiro, D Ragni, S Discetti

    Flow Structure Generated by a Sweeping Jet in a Cross Flow
    M Fuchiwaki, S Raghu

    Analysis on jet flow characteristics of nozzle through flow visualization and unsteady simulation
    I H Jung, Y S Kim, D H Shin, S Kim, J T Chung, Y Shin

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    Jets Flow Control

    Numerical simulation of supersonic-supersonic shear flow mixing enhancement based on transverse jet
    Y Liu, D Ma, X-J Yu , Z-X Chai

    Control strategies of flow around a pitching/plunging airfoil for lift enhancement
    L Feng, Yi Chen, Z Li, J Wang

    Wing tip vortex control with synthetic jet technology
    A Piccolo, M Zaccara, G Paolillo, C S Greco

    Multi-slotted synthetic jet actuator for flow control of separated flows
    M Chiatto, A Palumbo, G de Felice, L de Luca

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    Micro and Biological Flows

    Research of pressure losses and volume flows in a 5-generation human lung model with experiment and numerical simulations
    B Schoeneberger, O Litfin, A Delgado

    Visualization of flow structures in the patient specific aneurysm model
    K Katayama, T Kawakami, C Ichikawa, R Fujita, K Yamamoto, H Takao, Y Murayama, M Motosuke

    DPIV Analysis for Slug Flow Detection in Micro-channels
    S Gagliano, F Cairone, M Bucolo

    Real-Time Slug Velocity in Micro-Channels
    F Cairone, S Gagliano, G Galvagna, M Bucolo

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    Experimental Study of an Unsymmetrical Wake of a Passive Scalar in a Symmetrical Dynamic Wake
    J Lemay, M Buchen, M Sehaba

    The Effect of the Off-location of the Cone axis on the Performance on the V-cone Flowmeter
    S Nasiruddin, S Singh, S V Veeravalli, S Hegde

    Active control on droplet generation in axisymmetric flow focusing
    K Mu, T Si, H Ding

    Quantitative Analysis on Fluid Permeation and Pore Structure in Tortuous Fibrous Layer using Particle Model
    Y Deguchi, R Otomo

    Visualization of three-dimensional flow structures around a wall-mounted short cylinder
    H Rinoshika, A Rinoshika, J-J Wang

    Experimental Measurement of Oscillating Flow in a Stirling Engine Regenerator
    S Qiu, K Yanaga

    Flow and Acoustic Simulation for a Multi-layer Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    H Nagahara, M Sato, M Nawa, H Zhang, T Okabe, M Tsubokura

    Engineering Gas Diffusion Layers for Optimal Energy and Catalytic Reaction of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    J H Al-Smail

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    Multiphase Flows

    Visualization of air-water two-phase flow distribution in a manifold having four branch
    S Ham, S Choi, J Jeong

    Interaction between cavitation and gas bubbles near a rigid boundary
    K Ohno, T Yamashita, K Sato, Y Tomita, H. Takezawa

    Internal flow topologies inside droplets travelling in a curved microchannel with rectangular section
    M Li, J Wang, Y Pang, Z Liu

    Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Correlation between the Cavitation Forming inside Injector and the Progress of Liquid Jet Atomization
    H Munemura, S Nishio, A Sou, K Nishida, Y Wada, Y Ueki, H Yokohata

    Visualization Research of Droplet Deformation and Breakup in the Multimode Regime
    S Chang, W Yu, H Song

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    Optical Methods

    Analysis of refracting objects by digital holographic interferometry
    J-M Desse, F Olchewsky

    Electrical capacitance tomography as a method for inline monitoring the homogeneity of adhesive flows
    S Voss

    Development of Non-intrusive Fluid Thermometry in Air with Temperature-sensitive Particles by Two-gated Method
    K Fujiwara, K Kontis

    Shadow optical investigation of the gas jet used for ceramic film formation by the Aerosol Deposition Method
    P Glosse, S Denneler, O Stier, D Hanft, R Moos

    The Combination of Image Correlation and Stereo Vision in the Aerothermal Testing
    D Chen, Y-H Zhang, Z-M Yang, L-Z Chen

    Measurements of liquid surface relief with new ’Moon-Glade’ Background Oriented Schlieren technique
    N A Vinnichenko, A V Pushtaev, Y Yu Plaksina, A V Uvarov

    An optical flow method applied to the flow of a dense granular suspension or the drying of an agar gel cast in a plate
    P Snabre

    Multi-view interferometric out-of-focus imaging for ice particle characterization
    M Talbi, B Delestre, M Brunel

    Visualization of the contact line during water entry and water exit experiments by LED edge-lighting
    A Tassin, T Breton, N Jacques

    Webcam based in-vacuum tomography of plasma thruster jets
    M Wijnen, J Navarro-Cavallé, Y Babou, P Fajardo

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    Passive Flow Control

    Characteristics of the flow around a superhydrophobic obstacle
    G M Di Cicca, G Iuso, M Onorato

    Impact of a gap on boundary layer transition at Mach 6
    Y Xue, Z J Wang, S Fu

    Experimental study of hypersonic boundary layer stability and laminar-turbulent transition on sharp cone with passive porous coatings at zero and small angles of attack
    A Shiplyuk, S Morozov, S Lukashevich

    Pressure-gradient effects on turbulent boundary layers with square ribs
    C Sanmiguel Vila, A Güemes, R Örlü, R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, A Ianiro, S Discetti

    Drag reduction in a planar boundary layer using passive control
    P T Nagy, G Paál

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    Pipe and Channel Flows

    Linking Acoustic Emission signals to 2D-PIV results to monitor fluid flow in pipes
    D I Hefft, F Alberini, M Antonelli

    Prediction of cavitation erosion occurring in a control valve using computational fluid dynamics
    K Saito, C Youn

    Understanding cleaning in place for yield stress fluids in a pipe using Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF)
    M Zhang, F Alberini, K R. Goode, K Roettger, P . Fryer

    Experimental study of generation and measurement of gaseous fluctuating flow
    T Funaki

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    On interpretation of spatiotemporal data decomposition
    V Uruba

    Assessment of the accuracy and precision of 3D-PTV
    M Romano

    Derotation of a rotating channel flow using a stationary time-resolved PIV system
    S Zhang, F Abdulsattar, D Cooper, H Iacovides

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    Plasma Flow Control

    PIV Study of Conical Forebody Flow Control Using Plasma Actuators
    J Wang, X Meng , H Li , C Gong

    Phase-resolved body-force estimation of AC-DBD plasma actuator at various airflow speeds
    M T Hehner, G Coutinho, S Najam, R Pereira, J Kriegseis

    Flow control over a solar tracker using dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator
    O Gómez-Ortega, R Manzanares-Bercial, El Lopez-Nuñez, M Ogueta- Gutierrez, S Franchini, Y F erreiro Cuevas

    Control of Flowfield upfront of Compression Ramp by Q-DC Electric Discharge
    Y Watanabe, S Elliott, S B. Leonov

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    The flow characteristics of two circular cylinder in the mutual interference vortex flow
    Y Yokoi

    PIV-based pressure evaluation of an airfoil flow separation
    W Stryczniewicz

    Flow properties of EHD fluid in a simple flow channel
    T Tsukiji, T Tajima

    Test of Fast Response PSP for Unsteady Pressure Measurement in 1.2m High Speed wind tunnel
    J Yu, H Wang, Y Ma, Z Huang, X Zhao

    Behavior of bubble-induced by fiber type laser in a soft cylindrical narrow space
    M Hamamoto, Y Sugimoto, K Sato

    Study on high-performance shoes for walking training system with human compatibility
    Y Hayakawa, Y Kimata

    Fluid control of molten steel in continuous casting mould with magnetic field
    E Wang

    Fluorescent Oil Film Global Skin Friction Measurement Technique Research Progress
    H Wang, M Liu, Xi Li, Z Huang

    High spatial resolution optical flow velocimetry verification and application
    H Wang, X Li, J Yu, Z Huang

    Aerodynamic loads and flow visualization of tandem double two cactus-shaped cylinders
    J-X Zhou, D Qin (Daichin)

    Measurement of Unsteady Flow Utilizing Orifice Flow Meter
    H Takeishi, K Tadano, T Kagawa


    High speed wind tunnel experiment of micro riblets film drag reduction of fuselage model
    H Ma, J Yu, Z Huang

    Experimental study on supercritical airfoil drag reduction of riblets using Tomo-PIV
    X Li, H Wang, J Yu, Z Huang

    The research of micro riblets drag reduction mechanism of laminar airfoil
    Z Huang, H Zhu, H Wang

    PIV experimental research of drag reduction mechanism by superhydrophobic- riblet wall surfaces
    X Wang, N Jiang

    Aerodynamic force prediction and breakdown of a NLF wing-body configuration with/without riblets installed
    B Mele, L Russo, R Tognaccini

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    Student Awards

    Aerodynamics on the unique flight path of soft tennis balls
    N Miyagawa, S Ito, M Hiratsuka

    Modeling and Hysteresis Compensation Using Asymmetric Bouc-Wen model for Tap-Water Driven Muscle and Its Application to Adaptive Model Predictive Control
    R Inada, K Ito, S Ikeo

    Quantitative Evaluation of Solute Dispersion in Irregular-Shaped Micro-Channels
    F Togi, T Kubota, Ki Toyama, S Harada

    Cloud cavitation instabilities downstream of an orifice
    C Esposito, M A Mendez, J-B Gouriet, J Steelant, M R Vetrano

    Wind tunnel characterization of the flow on the flight deck of a frigate
    E López-Núñez, O Gómez-Ortega, M Ogueta-Gutierrez, R Manzanares-Bercial

    Novel Algorithm for High Flowrate Metering with Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler Method
    N Shoji, H Takahashi, H Kikura

    Analysis for the fastest streamlined posture of swimmers
    S Imamura, S Ito, M Hiratsuka

    Application of Hot-film Anemometry to resolve the Unsteady Boundary Layer Transition of a Laminar Airfoil experiencing Limit Cycle Oscillations
    M Braune, S Koch

    Investigation of the drag crisis on the leg of a cycling mannequin by means of robotic volumetric PIV
    F Scarano, W Terra, A Sciacchitano

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    Swirling Flows

    Influence of medium viscosity on atomization characteristics of pressure swirl nozzle
    Z Liu, J Lin, H Zheng

    On the structure of vortex breakdown in swirling jets in the transitional regime
    M Vanierschot

    Behavior of Swirling Flow Generated by Annular Guide Vanes
    K Yamanaka, K Takeda, R Kobayashi, K Sato, K Yokota, K Nishibe

    Study of strongly swirling flow and finding of spatial parameters of a helical precessing vortex by stereo-PIV and acoustic sensors
    I Litvinov, S Shtork

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    Thermal Convection

    Full-field and time-resolved tomographic PIV of turbulent thermal convection inside a cylinder
    G Paolillo, C Greco, T Astarita, G Cardone

    Flow structures in a stratified water thermal storage tank caused by a thermally conductive side wall
    C Resagk, H Otto, C Cierpka

    Quantitative Visualization of Thermal Boundary Layer over a Heating or Cooling Flat Plate in Forced Convection
    J Liu, J Onodera, J Washiashi, R Watanabe, S Moriya, H Aizawa, A Komiya

    Natural convection induced by evaporation of heavier-than-air fluids
    N A Vinnichenko, A V Pushtaev, Y Yu. Plaksina, A V. Uvarov

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